Tai Chi: its influences and its impacts


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Last week, we saw the importance of the ‘qi’ energy in Taichi. This life-force actually plays a much more important role than only in martial arts or health, and is taken into account in every day situation as well. In fact, Taichi uses the principles of Feng shui (pronounced ‘fung shway‘ and meaning ‘wind-water’) that studies the balance between humans and the universe. This balance is achieved through the measure — to say it in maybe too technical terms — between yin and yang (referred to in this post). Continue reading


Kowloon City – Islam Food 清真牛肉館


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The bright lights of Kowloon City

One of Hong Kong best restaurant according to openrice.com. I don’ t have any reason to contradict the mass of people that visited this little spot of spicy haven, so i’ll agree to name it one of the best spot in HK where to get a decent supper. From the spiciest region of China.. Ladies and Gentlemen be ready to taste some Mutton..

Egg tart paradise, near Hong Kong


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Best egg tart in the world

Macau is only 50 minutes away from HK, with direct ferries from central, you get to experience the Portuguese lifestyle brought to you by real Chinese people in the “other” SAR of China.
Once you are there you can jump from the highest tower in town, or gamble your bank roll in one of the many casinos which make this city the first sin city in the world (sorry Vegas, but is seems you lost the podium).
In between these things feed yourself with culture, Macau is full of it, and with good food of course. One thing you will notice is that Macanese people go crazy for cookies and sweets in general but their real passion is: egg tart. Continue reading

The world’s longest escalator – another way to get high in Hong Kong


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If I hadn’t gone to Hong Kong I wouldn’t have had to use the world’s longest escalator system that every day takes 55,000 people between the Central and the Western District.

During my first days here, before I had a home, I stayed with a friend who lived on top of the escalator. I got to experience both the convenience of being able to move up smoothly and the inconvenience of coming back after midnight, having to walk up the system that takes 20 minutes to get up with – when it’s working. Continue reading

Benefits of Taichi


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Westerners often look at Taichi as a form of healthy exercise — and relate it to the long life of Chinese people. But why exactly is it so healthy? There are several reasons of its benefits.

The first one is simply the physical activity. Although you don’t really run out of breath when you practice, you can feel a light sweat beginning after 15 or 20 minutes or practice. As Ms Yip, a taichi teacher, often says, it’s because it makes you use gently but deeply your muscles. “You always have to keep your legs bent, that’s the key to a fluid motion and it’s what makes Taichi a physical activity,” she says. “Slow moves” doesn’t necessarily mean “effortless exercise”; as long as the whole body moves to its full motion — extension of the arms and legs for instance — it benefits the body. Continue reading

High class cocktails and chef’s table at at Hong Kong’s ICC Tower


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If I hadn’t gone to Hong Kong I wouldn’t have had a drink in the highest located bar in the world – Ozon bar in the ICC tower. The International Commerce Centre was built in 2010 and a year after, in April 2011, the Ozon bar opened on the 128th floor making it the highest located bar and restaurant in the world measured from sea level. Since January last year the restaurant At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, is the highest one located on the 122th floor. Continue reading

The beginning of practice


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(Picture by faungg)

Taichi can be practiced at any age even though doing it well requires some important skills: coordination, balance and patience.

All the forms usually alternate between the left and right side of the body and thus requires good coordination. But it also needs it between hands and legs as they have to be moved at the same time — in opposition with Taekwondo forms for example.
This consciousness of the whole body is likely to put off many new students as they realize that, after having performed their hands well, their footwork was all messed up.

Continue reading