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If I hadn’t gone to Hong Kong I wouldn’t have gone to a rooftop bar that has good music, a view over Hong Kong’s skyline and that allows one to bring own drinks – and food.

The business idea for Red Bar, located between the two towers on the IFC mall’s roof, sounds a bit strange but is very simple and easy.

It provides chairs, sofas, tables, heating and music on a rooftop next to Hong Kong Island’s harbour. People in all ages come there to enjoy Red Bar’s facilities and the view. If guests run out of food or drinks or simply get tired of cheap wine, then Red Bar is there, with flaring bartenders waiting to serve you. The drinks are not more expensive than in Central’s other bars and with the amount you save on bringing your own food and drinks there, it is even cheaper.

During the week Red Bar is often packed with businessmen and it seems as though it is something as rare as a bar that makes more money on Mondays, when the tables are filled with drinks from the bar, than on Saturdays, when the tables are filled with whatever the big groups of exchange students have brought.

Mattias Becker, 21, a student from Germany, said he always brings his own drinks to the bar. He said: “This is the reason why you go to this place.”

Camille Boujassy, 21, a French student, added: ”The Red Bar is cool because it’s in the open air and has a nice atmosphere but it is expensive.”

The bar is the perfect location for a long afternoon that can end up in one of Lan Kwai Fong’s many clubs.

IFC mall’s rooftop is however not only a good place for drinking. Hundreds of people fill the garden during warm days to enjoy a break from the city’s busy streets.

You reach the IFC mall’s rooftop by taking the escalators all the way up to the fourth floor.