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The bright lights of Kowloon City

One of Hong Kong best restaurant according to openrice.com. I don’ t have any reason to contradict the mass of people that visited this little spot of spicy haven, so i’ll agree to name it one of the best spot in HK where to get a decent supper. From the spiciest region of China.. Ladies and Gentlemen be ready to taste some Mutton..

Hong Kong food panorama is wide, but one of the thing i found hard to find here are mild dishes. Either tasteless, either too spicy. Islam Food in Kowloon City falls in the spicy category, their Curry Mutton is a joyous pleasure to your tasting buds if you are now tired of flat taste noodles with beef.
A mention of Honour goes to the curry beef noodles, the sup some days is that spicy to make you ears pop at the end of bowl. guaranteed. So if you love spice and want to try some great Sichuan food you definitely need to come here but don’t be afraid, they serve also many dishes for those who’s spice is not their daily bread.
The veal goulash (see pictures) and the Dim sums are delicious and a foremost a must try.
The place is small, smelly and you will have to share your table with strangers. you will seat on foot stools and you’ll have to buy your own napkins. Nonetheless this is part of the deal, chinese style restaurants are pretty much all like this and you can not say you have come to HK with out trying to make yourself understood by the waiters whom for the record do not speak a single word of english.
If you prefer to have a less authentic experience but a far more comfortable one you should visti their new branch just around the block. Same good food, same service but at least tables and chairs and a toilet paper roll to satisfy your napkins needs.
Is hard to spend more then 100HKD each (£8) but beware that alcoholic drinks are not served and are prohibited in the permises as Miss Choo, manager said to me: “is not because we are far away from our culture that we need to loose it. no alcohol in this restaurant you go buy beer at 7/11 later if you want” note that i didn’t ask for any beer at all but apparently the average westerner does, just remember not to ask if you do not want to upset the managment.
Open from 11am till 11pm every day except bank holidays.
1 Lung Kong Road Kowloon City District
九龍城龍崗道 1 號
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Islam Food 清真牛肉館 , a set on Flickr.