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Best egg tart in the world

Macau is only 50 minutes away from HK, with direct ferries from central, you get to experience the Portuguese lifestyle brought to you by real Chinese people in the “other” SAR of China.
Once you are there you can jump from the highest tower in town, or gamble your bank roll in one of the many casinos which make this city the first sin city in the world (sorry Vegas, but is seems you lost the podium).
In between these things feed yourself with culture, Macau is full of it, and with good food of course. One thing you will notice is that Macanese people go crazy for cookies and sweets in general but their real passion is: egg tart.
So don’t waste time looking for the best one as you’ll end up wasting a lot of time. Almost everyone, including  newsstand, sell egg tarts but the best can be found at Margaret’s Cafe de Nata.
They serve the best Portugese caramel egg tarts. The custard filling is hot and creamy. The tart shell is buttery, crispy and flakey. One bite and the tart shatters in your hand, it is so delicate and light, yet rich and satisfying. The tarts are fresh out of the oven. Tables outside the shop are facing a back alley that is very clean and typical “Macau” style. Locals would queue up to buy their bread and cakes. Which again is the best index to check the authenticity of the place.
Dorita Choi, manager and lovely chinese looking lady speaking perfect Portuguese said: “We use only the freshest ingredients and the original recipe from over 50 years ago, that’s what make us stand up from ahead of competition”.
And if you end up loosing all your money in nearby Grand Lisboa Casino, don’t panic! one egg tart is only 8$ (60 pence) and will keep you from starvation till you get back to HK.

Edificio Kam Loi, Macau, China

INSIDER TIP: the café is pretty hard to find as its located in a very small alley in the middle of Largo do Senado, but ask local shop keepers they’ll point the way for you as almost everyone get lost !

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Cafe de Nata, a set on Flickr.