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crunchy fresh vegetables and generous meat in this fried noodlesIf you are looking for the ultimate authentic HK dining experience you definitely have to try Kowloon City district. It’s a cluster of south East Asia cuisine. Its cheap, its dirty, you’ll find the true HK style kind of restaurant. Pad Thai Thai is no exception; you have to wash your own tableware as soon as you seat and you can choose to eat either in the small room inside either on the beautiful patio outside… on the path of pedestrian and cars. This restaurant is also no exception to the rule of locals cuing up outside to get their supper. Management speak English and menu is bilingual so you won’t have any problem to order some edible food, not that easy to find in Kowloon city district. Must try is the curry shrimps with French bread and the pad Thai noodles. Fresh crunchy vegetables and crispy flavours distinguish this little restaurant; colours of dishes are vivid and mouth watering. Curry is actually one of the most tasty I’ve tried in HK so far. To avoid absolutely to westerner tongues is the noodles in threaded soup, it tasted better than it smelled it was still rather very very very hard to be digested by a western palate. Nonetheless if you are looking for traditional and original Thai cuisine this is the spot you have to head to, plenty of choice for desert afterwards just around the block.
G/F, 19 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City

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