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If I hadn’t gone to Hong Kong I wouldn’t have seen daredevils jump from Macau Tower – the highest bungy jump in the world at 233 metres.

Macau, an hour ferry ride away from Hong Kong, is good for eating locally made sweets, gambling and challenging oneself with different activities high above the mix of old Portuguese buildings and modern Chinese skyscrapers.

Apart from an observation deck, restaurants and shops, visitors at Macau Tower can do bungy jump, sky jump, skywalk and even climb the mast until reaching the absolute top of Macau. Charlie Bassett, General Manager for AJ Hackett Macau Tower says: “The Macau Tower offers great views of Macau but to be honest, our activities are what really give the tower such a point of difference.

He says that the skywalk is the most popular activity in terms of volume, with about 18,000 people walking around the tower’s top every year.

The attractions are arranged by Alan John Hackett who is known for two things:

  • For having bungy jumped from the Eiffel Tower.
  • And for having turned bungy jumping into a business with his own company.

Turning bungy jumping into business means quick action up in the tower to get as many people to be able to jump as possible but Mr Bassett says they would never force someone who is scared of heights to jump. He says: “We try to make people as comfortable as possible and keep them moving quickly so that they don’t think themselves out of what they are doing – they need to remember that it is a challenge and not meant to be easy, and the natural reaction the mind is telling them is to not jump.  Less than 1% of clients turn back and there are no refunds whatsoever.  We are very good at talking people off of the edge; we would never push a client off.”

Jumping is possible for people in all shapes but climbing the mast is the ultimate challenge and demands some muscles. Mr Bassett says: “There are about 105 meters of vertical ladders to climb, so it is not for people that are seriously over weight or who are weathered quickly. Rather than strength it is more stamina that the client should have.”

Physical strength might be good but a financial strength is also a plus as a bungy jump or mast climb costs £201. If you don’t have the money there are luckily many places around the tower where you can win it.