I visited this temple the same day after visiting the 10’000 Buddhist monastery so I was expecting a lot from the Che Kung temple based in the Tai wai area also in Sha Tin. The temple is considered to be more in the style of a Japanese shrine than a Chinese temple and the temple itself was housed in a modern building as it was built more than 300 years ago.

The temple was built in honour of General Che a a great soldier who achieved fame by quashing a rebellion in South China during the Sung dynasty. He is said to have accompanied the Emperor when he fled to Hong Kong before the fall of the dynasty. After his death, people began worshiping him for his courage.

It is believed, that, if you worship the Taoist deity with joss sticks and spin the copper windmill three times, good luck will prevail for the rest of the year and on the second day of the first lunar month is one of the temple’s busiest periods.

The area as a whole was very simplistic with a front courtyard where there is a main altar flanked by a huge drum and bell. The temple clearly had a lot of history and the story behind why it was created made it an interesting enough visit.