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bbq pork in HKI’m not used yet to this city and to its food, it has been only a week I’m in HK and I’m determined to find good enjoyable local food.
One of the criteria to spot a good food outlet in a foreign city is to look for the longest cue outside a restaurant, if the cue is made up by locals is for sure good quality food at honest prices.

The crowd is lining up on the curbside and they are all grabbing their little lunch boxes to take away and enjoy for their lunch break.Also this time this technique did not disappointed me, in one of my daily raid to Mong Konk, one of the city most authentic areas I’ve spotted this little tea restaurant (as they call this kind of ground floor food outlets) near ladies market.
When it comes to me I don’t really know what to say, I don’t speak a word of Chinese and they don’t speak a word of English so I end up having one of this little white boxes in my hands without knowing what’s inside.
The payment is as confused as the order, they point me a 14$ sign and I’m confused, £1.10 for this food is way too less, the crowd is pushing for their turn I can feel their hunger so I end up giving the lady 140$, just to be sure I haven’t miss read. She yells and give 126$ back to me I accept my change and my food with little knowledge of what happened.
But its only when I taste the BBQ pork that I have my delightful surprise. It is so cheap yet so tasty, tender pork beef with a crunchy and fragrant crust, terrific. Veggies are tasty and rice is… well just rice but believe me the cheapest and cheerful meal I ever had in my life.

Address is 15 argyle street, MK station, ideal for a lunch break from hard core shopping session at ladies market.

INSIDER TP: Avoid for dinner as the pork used is the left over from lunch and it losses its tenderness and crispiness.

chop choproasted pork haven to my tasting buds

康泰燒臘店, a set on Flickr.